Fall in Love with Yourself

Janvi Gupta
3 min readAug 1, 2021


“You are kind. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are worthy. You are special. You are loved. You are needed. You are capable. You are enough. You are important. You are the best!”, said the thread of posts I saw on Instagram yesterday and these easy phrases seem to have engulfed me in an aura of self-worth and appreciation. I feel I have progressed a bit more than yesterday; a bit more gleeful, a bit more assertive, and a bit more resilient than yesterday.

We all have a perception of other beings, likewise, we need to build a perception for ourselves too. We need to explore our real selves and draw a picture of our unique individuality that sets us apart from others. You need to show yourself all the care and affection and start respecting your well-being.

And as this happens, you will unknowingly immerse in the self-love blues. This will serve as an indispensable dimension to your charisma, and you will eventually end up being optimistic and contended about life and yourself.

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Without being too cynical about the word Self-love, let us just define what it is and how it feels like. It is anything and everything that makes you exuberant and bright. For instance, starting the day with new hope and encouraging words for oneself makes one believe that it’s his/her day. Irrespective of how the day was, what challenges you face, start afresh every day proactively. Being polite and wearing a smile makes a lot of things fall in place.

Seeking your happy place is important, it may be anything, any fascination, any human just anything that comforts you and makes you feel at peace no matter what. Surround yourself with people who love you and encourage you to do better in life, they will help you unleash your potential. Be grateful for even the slightest achievement you make and pat your back and remind yourself how amazing you are. Love your bodily features and nurture them as the greatest gifts from God and your ultimate strength.

Express your feelings assertively and don’t hesitate to say a ‘no’. Get rid of negativity and anger of all forms and channel this energy towards attaining new skills and talents. Be brave enough to free yourself of all the toxic relations you have and just let go of your past wounds. Anyone who makes you feel inferior in any way does not deserve to be part of your life.

Understanding that ‘go with the flow’ makes sense and start living vehemently in the present. Be persistent and patient in your undertakings; it’s the only way to chase your dreams in life. Start believing in your latent aptitude and capabilities to achieve the unimaginable. Shun making comparisons with people from different walks of life instead of living life at your pace peacefully.

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Achieve your inner peace by taking out some lone-time for yourself in which you actually meditate and calm your senses. Readout your favourite book, watch your favourite movie, explore new places, sing out loud your favourite song, groove to your favourite rhythm, go for plentiful shopping, treat yourself with favourite food and just be in love with your existence.

Have fun! Get out there and do the things that light your fire. Enjoy them, enjoy being you and enjoy your beautiful life. Life never fails to surprise you, therefore, outshine and bloom into your best version in this lifetime because not everyone gets the life form of a human.



Janvi Gupta

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